Class entries and the digital science notebook

You have a paper notebook AND you will need to start a digital science notebook through google drive.

For every day of class you will need a dated and titled entry. The title should say something about what happened in the class. You should write about what we didwhat we saw, what we talked about, AND what you think–your own questions, comments, and ideas. Include a sketch AND a picture to help you remember each class.

The digital science notebook starts with one google folder shared with Dr. F (can edit) and your parents (can view). Name that folder with



Make another folder (a sub-folder) inside the main folder. Name the subfolder

youraesid.unit name

Please follow the naming and sharing guidelines exactly.

The class entries will be uploaded into the matter subfolder while we are studying matter. Name each entry with 

There are several equally acceptable options for keeping your notebook.

  1. Type on some app and then upload the entry for each class to the appropriate folder.
  2. Handwrite your notes (must be clear and dark). Take a picture(s). Upload the picture renamed as indicated above to the appropriate folder. If you do this, you must make sure the pictures are in focus, of a useful size, and easily readable.
  3. Handwrite your notes and later create a digital entry from your hand-written notes. The digital entry is uploaded appropriately.

Your notebook should be up-to-date (each class entry completed by the beginning of the next class), complete (you can find and remember the big ideas and significant details, and thoughtful/reflective.

Here are the things to include in each class entry (make a template if this will help you remember what to include):

  1. Any normal notes you would take, information written on the board, for example;
  2. What we do/did in the class that day;
  3. What we see/saw in the class that day;
  4. What we discuss/talked about in the class that day;
  5. What you think about/reflect on #’s 1,2,3,4 above. Certainly include your questions;
  6. A photo of something significant that will help you remember, think, and learn,
  7. A sketch of something significant that will help you remember, think, and learn.