Students who are proficient in science:


From National Research Council *Taking Science to School
Examples of assignments/Assessments*note: some assignments may involve more than one category
1. know, use, and interpret scientific explanations of the natural world;
Test to analyze a set of data
2. generate and evaluate scientific evidence and explanations;
Original lab report
3. understand the nature and development of scientific knowledge;
Project involving the “history of science” and/or “science and society”
4. participate productively in scientific practices and discourse.
Presentations; panel discussions; keeping a complete and thoughtful notebook
No corresponding proficiency from NRC5
More school-based and/or classroom management concerns—responsible clean-up; feedback forms turned in, etc.



Evidence suggests that the development of proficiency is best supported when classrooms provide learning opportunities that interweave all four strands together in instruction.


*p. 37 from Taking Science to School


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