27 May Science 8 Last class of 2018-2019 school year

Celebrating the last Sci 8 class of the year.

A HUGE THANK YOU for all the learning and effort you have put into this year. I have enjoyed getting to know you all so much, and I wish the very best for you. I hope you all have been inspired to learn as much as you can and to marshal and sustain your effort to make your earth a better place. There are big challenges ahead. You give me hope.

Keep up with what’s happening–a few items on the web from last week.

“I don’t care about change”


Anthropocene panel


Green New Deal (would you consider this courageous? do you think concern about climate change is only political?)


  • ****

There had been some interest in finishing the film we started about contact with extra terrestrial intelligent life. This is a poignant theme in the way humans have been treating their home, other living things, and each other as civilization has developed.

Here are the choices for today. We can vote.

  • Contact (1997) (see references from last classes in December 2018 in this blog)
  • Arrival  (2016)(a newer film that has been compared to Contact; linguistics is an emphasis as the main character tries to communicate with the alien, intelligent beings.)
  • The Andromeda Strain (1971) (a not so nice contact, written by the author of Westworld, Congo, Jurassic Park; Michael Crichton was trained as a Medical Doctor but never practiced; he wrote many well-received novels; many novels have been adapted for film.)
  • The Day of the Triffids (1962)(extra terrestrial plants; taking plants out of the background; what if plants could move and get what they needed from the environment?)

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