23 May Science 8 Human body science

Mindful moment:

Some challenges–Human body science

If you want to see some pictures and activities: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kgZzzBfXCMyGWneAas2NJEIbFtT90ZmuZCur4aEjnFY/edit?usp=sharing

Walking straight–can you do it? What patterns emerge? Any explanations?


A scientific study: Walking Straight into Circles


Body architecture

Where do you fall in comparing armspan to height. (A 0-.95; B .96-1.06; C 1.07 and above.) What other groupings could we use?

Will footlength (greatest length from heel to toe) correlate to height?

Enter your data (do not disturb data from another student!)


Draw and cut out a foot. Form a line with shortest foot on the balcony-side of the classroom going toward longest foot on the hall-side.

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