17 May Science 8 Last bits of Human Impact–some overall thoughts–lingering questions

There are a few people who need to finish activities/ discussions. We’ll take time to do that.


Questions submitted by 8th graders for reflection on the Human Impact Project and Project Debriefing?Feedback.

My motivations for this project were:

  1. To encourage you to become more knowledgeable and conversant about the issues that will dominate your lives and the lives of your children. Believe it or not, this motivation is grounded in love for you all and for the earth.
  2. To emphasize communication skills based on 1. reading reliable sources; 2. firsthand experience–which is where I think all meaningful science learning begins–hence the directive to find an activity that involved some experience with a critical aspect of phenomena related to your project; and 3. respectful discourse with your peers–as this seems to be a missing piece in finding solutions to the problems of environmental degradation which will affect all people without regard for wealth, class, culture, nationality, etc.
  3. To “deliver” the grade 8 science curriculum in a meaningful way.

So, I am most interested in how we did, and I would like to use your questions for reflection as a way to perform an evaluation of the project. How did we do?

Pick a question or two  (I hope people will pick different questions) and write a quick but thoughtful response. Take about 5 minutes) (If you pick yes/no questions, change them to call for more detailed responses. You can use the beginning phrase “To what extent . . . “).  We will share responses and invite further comments and questions.

  • What do you think are the benefits of each part of this project?
  • How do you think you have grown?
  • Did you enjoy this style of presenting?
  • How did the activities you completed with your classmates deepen your understanding of each topic?
  • Do you feel more aware and a sense of urgency to act than before this project started, or do you feel the same about human impacts?
  • Will it change your behaviour in regards to polluting and consumption?
  • How did you struggle and why do you think that happened?
  • What did you find the most challenging or couldn’t find.
  • What is something you still wonder after researching?
  • What was your favorite project? Topic? Activity? Discussion? Presentation?
  • Did you think of the human impact project as just, a school project or did you take it to a personal level? How?
  • How has your thinking changed of different topics after doing all of the presentations?
  • I want to know more about the specific sciences behind all of the issues we talked about. For example, about the ocean acidification.
  • How did you feel taking charge of your own learning?
  • What can, we, as a community, do to take part in the stand against illegal wildlife trade?
  • How has this specific knowledge from the topic you spent so long researching shaped you as a person?
  • And how will your actions/thoughts change in the future with these new insights/knowledge?
  • If there was intelligent life somewhere outer space would they be
    having the same problems like us or would they be living with the
    ecosystem, keeping it safe?
  • What is the main goal and purpose of this whole project, besides the “learning” that we gain?
    Will this also be able to be used in the future?
  • How does this come in use to us except knowing the concept and the basic information about it?
  • What would happen if all the problems created by us eradicated? would more problems arise? would it make matters worse?
  • After the project, what is the most important thing you have  learned about the relationship between humans and your specific human impact topic? Why?
  • Why did we take notes the way we did for the annotated bibliography? To what extent did process—describing the source, summarizing the main points, investigating the quality of the information and source, and reacting personally to the content help me understand what I was reading and writing?
  • What are some ways different human impact topic are connected to one other
  • Has any presentation sparked you to live and act differently everyday?
  • How did you determine whether the source was reliable or not?
  • Is there a way in which we could help organisms adapt to the current conditions on earth?
  • What was the most helpful way to find information on your topic?

I am amazed at how many articles are published every day that relate to our topics. A few recent ones below.

If time today, or next week, or as you wish: Take a look–pick a parter and do this together OR go it one your own. Do a quick read. Write short response and be prepared to share in the circle:

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