16 May Science 7 Finish preparation PIP; Practice presentations and responding to questions


Today–finish preparing all work. Use the information below to make a checklist. You must check-in with Dr. F.

Proofreading report and reflection. Printing images, Mounting. Organizing digital work.

Practicing. Get a partner. Show and explain your project–you should have notes and an outline. You may prepare a script. The partner should think of and ask all the questions they can think of and then some more. Keep track of the questions and get prepared.

  • Here are a few reflective questions to consider:
  • How does your project involve your own original thinking and doing?
  • How is your project worthy of 7th grade?
  • How is your project beyond a 5th grade project?

PIP Information:

Display and exhibit 4:10-5:30 on 17 May in the gym.

Two exhibits per table. You can pick.

Meet M313 immediately after school. We will gather any materials and all move together to the gym to set up. At 5:30 we will bring any materials back to M313.

You are expected to have an exhibit and to remain at your position for the entire viewing.

  • The following class days are available to prepare.
  • 14 May
  • 16 May

Budget your time to get everything complete and to PRACTICE!

You need a written/printed account of your project. This account should be organized with logical headings. A lab report format may be appropriate. You may or may not have a project that involves an hypothesis. Please ask. You need to include a reference list with correct bibliographic form. Please check.

You need a written reflection. This can be added as a comment at the end of the report (above).

You need some kind of visual display. You may use your ipad for a slideshow and/or video. Do not try to use video to present what you will say in person. The video is to show the data from your project, etc. You may want a poster set-up. You may want to display photos or sketches, drawings, paintings, etc. You may want to have apparatus on hand or a collection you have mad.

You are expected to discuss your project orally. You should at least have an outline of what you want to say. You should be prepared for questions. If you want to prepare a script, you may. You will probably want to have notes/notecards.

Some kind of relevant interaction is alway popular with exhibits.

You want your exhibit to be informative, thought-provoking, attractive. You want the visitors to “feel” your curiosity and passion for learning.

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