3 May Science 8 Human Impact sessions; End of year reflection

After each discussion/activity, please send the leader an email with these items completed in full sentences. Do this asap. Definitely complete this before the next class:

Please, no idle praise or negative criticism. Focus on the topic, not the person.

  1. Your activity made me think of ________________.
  2. Your discussion made me think of ______________.
  3. The most interesting comments in your discussion were __________________.
  4. These questions about your topic came to my mind during your session: ________________.
  5. Your topic concerns me because ______________________________.
  6. I had never thought of _______________________________ until your discussion/activity.

Session leaders:

After you have finished your presentation, discussion, and activity:

*Send the link to your human impacts folder with all your documents (Annotated bibliography, presentation, activity plan, discussion plan) to Dr. F. Make sure the sharing is set so that anyone with the link can view. All links will be posted so that everyone has access to everyone’s research and plans.

After you receive feedback from your classmates (let me know who sends you comments):

*Write a reflection taking account of the comments and questions as well as your own hopes, fears, successes, etc. If you were to start the process again from picking a topic to researching, to preparing and implementing your plans, what might you do differently? Why? Describe what you feel you learned that is most important. Rate yourself along these 4 dimensions of concern for the environment especially in the context of your topic: Affection, Awareness, Advocacy, Action. Explain. Post this reflection in your human impacts folder. This should be completed by two classes from the day of your session.

Period 5

  • 23/2 Yu Min        Ada
  • 25/4 Reem           HyunJin
  • 29/6 Sophie         Myra 
  • 1/8 Santino          Anagha
  • 3/2 Reyha             SeungHyeon 
  • 7/4 Lewis              Rotem
  • 9/6 SeungMin     Eva 
  • 13/8 Sulaimaan  Eliade
  • 15/2 Shaked         Dowoo

Period 7

  • 29/6 Caden                    Joshua
  • 1/8 Iris                           Marin
  • 3/2 Min-ha                   Faris
  • 7/4 Jeh                          Afreen
  • 9/6 Felix .                       Chihaya
  • 13/8 Willem
  • 15/2 Alanound               HanGyeol

Period 8

  • 1/8 Sumair            Rahul
  • 3/2 Aadi                 Mira
  • 7/4 Varun             Michal
  • 9/6 Isabella          Jigme
  • 13/8 Armaan       Yash
  • 15/2 Liam              Shiv


I always like to see your ideas in your own words to make comments. Please prepare a reflection by Friday 3 May. Submit in your DSN with the file name “your name end of year comments.” Also send an email with your reflection to me with “your name end of year comments” in the subject field.

Do this before you write your reflection. Go back through your DSN from our very first class. See what you remember. See if there are any surprises or mysteries–smile. Also look through all your pictures from the course. Use this exercise in looking back to comment on your learning. What do you know now that you did not know at the beginning of the year? What was the most profound change in your thinking? What are the most vivid memories of things you saw and did that you had never seen or done before? Comment on challenging ideas and challenging practices. What were your approaches to the challenges? Did you discover any useful or successful strategies? What were they? Keeping records of activity, observations, results, and thoughts is an essential part of science. We promoted keeping the DSN complete and up-to-date. Guiding prompts were provided. To what extent did you keep your DSN complete and up-to-date. What do you think of the record you have established now? What are you willing to do in the future on your own to remember details (of procedures, results, discussions, experiences, etc) and to remember the development of your own thinking? What are you willing to do to remain engaged in a subject even when the subject is challenging, frustrating, and even “boring” but exceedingly important for your future? Comment on what else should be included in an end-of-the-year and end-of-an-important-phase of your life reflection? (I wish you all the best!!!)

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