25 March Science 8 Welcome to the Anthropocene

Mindful moment–think of something you are truly grateful for.

Review plan for the day.


Calendar–when will you conduct your human impact presentation, activity, discussion?

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4 groups selected by “captains”

Make plan to share all discussion notes. Decide how the group will function so that each member contributes to the success of the group. This includes a rotation schedule for who will take questions.

Together view AND discuss the following TOGETHER. You may stop the video and discuss point by point. Together craft a group reaction and response. Capture the true reflection of your group. Be sure to list and discuss and questions any group member might have.

Ted Talk:  Greta Thunberg   https://www.ted.com/talks/greta_thunberg_the_disarming_case_to_act_right_now_on_climate?language=en

Sharing of findings from each group.

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Group 1 Earth Timeline



Group 3 The Anthropocene


Group 4 Specific ecosystems affected by climate change:



Your group task is to review the assigned resource above TOGETHER. Investigate any aspect for which you have questions. Design a group presentation to share with the rest of the class. Anticipate aspects that may prove difficult to understand for your peers. Anticipate their questions. Plan your presentation so that a class discussion takes place. How will you get your peers to participate and to share their ideas, insights, and questions?

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References for Human Impact Projects–be sure you are keeping up with your annotated bibliography.

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