12 March Science 8 Turn in Photosynthesis Summative; Show PST conf document; research Human Impact topic

  1. Turn in Photosynthesis Summative when you are called.

If you do not have it ready, send an email to your parents alerting them to the fact. Include me in the email (rfrazier@aes.ac.in). If you have communicated with me in advance, please mention that in your note. Explain that this is a big and important project. Say when you expect to have it completed. Provide a (properly uploaded and shared) link to the project in whatever state it exists at the moment.

2. Show the document you have prepared for the Parent-Student-Teacher conference

3. The Dilemma of Detail

See the links below. Too simple misleads. Too complex and the “eyes glaze over.” What is the best path for you toward understanding? Please comment in writing in today’s DSN from your own experience, point of view, and ambition (what do you want to do, be, learn?).

.4. Work on articles for your human impact project. Review the articles presented in previous blogposts, previous emails that are relevant. Also see those below:

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