12 Feb. Science 8 Finish/present illustrations of Primo Levi’s Carbon; the claim of photosynthesis; what is a scientific argument?; human impact projects and topics

Mindful moment.

Review previous class.

Preview plan in today’s blogpost.

Prepare DSN entry.

  • * * * *

Continue with project from last class.

  • * * * *

Discussion of the nature of a scientific argument. (A scientific argument is the logical, evidence-based justification for a conclusion.)

What things count in a scientific argument? A scientific argument is a kind of answer to the question “How do we know?”

  • * ** * *

The claim of photosynthesis.

See the board.

Complete the activity.

  • ** * * *

Become familiar with Human Impact Topics (add to the list in the second link). Continue building your annotated bibliography.

  • Discussing the project (this will happen later in the semester, but it is good to start thinking and researching now).
  • You become an expert.
  • Lead a hands-on activity with some aspect of the issue.
  • Lead a 15 minutes class discussion based on a short 5 minute presentation.
  • Compile an annotated bibliography focused on your topic. (15 resources)

See the list of topics. Best way, preferred way to match students and topics? No duplicates.


Add any topics NOT appearing in the sheet above. Especially include any that you are genuinely interested in and that you deeply care about.


Find articles related to one of the listed topics from Mongabay, Yale E360, Washington Post, New York Times, Science, or Nature. Are you using your subscriptions to Mongabay and Yale E 360?


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