8 February Science 8 Another look at the Carbon Cycle

  • Mindful moment.
  • Review previous class. (would these make good quiz questions?)
  • How did the demonstrations with a fire and with fermentation of sugar by yeast relate to our topic of the carbon cycle?
  • How do ideas about the carbon cycle relate to our study of matter and chemical reactions first semester?
  • Do you notice any pattern in the density results from the fermentation activity?
  • How could you explain this? < https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrometer > (Some groups did not submit data!)
  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pIDYJN8YopqEDvV6aWeSAAnhpjrU2Wno8r9dP54xrhM/edit?usp=sharing

I am looking for your Carbon Essay in your DSN. Make sure it is clearly labeled. This was posted for the 29 January Class.

After all the presentations and discussion (also examine the presentations from other classes this year), write an organized essay on what you know about carbon and the carbon cycle. To what extent did our study of matter in Semester 1 prepare you for looking in more detail at Carbon, Carbon Chemistry, and the Carbon Cycle? (Consider especially the ideas about learning in Lessons from Thin Air and the concepts about carbon in the other presentations.) Include anything that still puzzles you. Include lingering question.

  • Read today’s plan in the blogpost.
  • Prepare DSN entry for today. What do you anticipate? Why?
  • Begin working with your group on Carbon (the story of a carbon atom by the Chemist/Writer Primo Levi)
  • Questions (To be taken individually or from groups.)
  • *  * * * *

Work in the following groups. If anyone is absent, include them in any common documents you create. Send them links to your DSN entries. Invite them to ask you questions about today’s class and the work you do:

Period 5.

  • Reem, Reyha, Lewis
  • Sophie, Rotem, Eliade
  • Anagha, Shaked, SeungMin
  • Santino, HyunJin, YuMin
  • Sulaimaan, Eva, Seung Hyun
  • Myra, Dowoo, Ada

Period 7

  • Felix, Joshua, HanGyeol, Faris
  • Jeh, Marin, Chihaya, Alanoud
  • Willem, Iris, Afreen, MinHa

Period 8

  • Mira, Varun, Armaan
  • Jigme, Sumair, Yash
  • Isabella, Liam, Aadi
  • Michal, Shiv, Rahul


(Here is a cartoon about photosynthesis: http://www.jayhosler.com/jshblog/?p=937)

(Here is a graphic story of Thin Air http://www.stuartmcmillen.com/comic/thin-air/#page-1)

(Graphic novels for the science classroom: https://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/bookmarks/2012/11/top_15_graphic_novels_for_the_science_classroom.html)

Homework / On-going

Become familiar with Human Impact Topics (add to the list in the second link). Continue building your annotated bibliography.

See the list of topics.


Add any topics NOT appearing in the sheet above. Especially include any that you are genuinely interested in and that you deeply care about.


Find articles related to one of the listed topics from Mongabay, Yale E360, Washington Post, New York Times, Science, or Nature. Are you using your subscriptions to Mongabay and Yale E 360?

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