7 February Science 7 Tree Talks (also a rain plan)

Mindful moment.

Review last class. What were the trees? Can you recognize them? Can you match tree and Science 7 partner? What information do you remember about the tree?

See today’s plan and rain plan.

Prepare DSN entry for today.


  • * * * * *

See letter for parent permission. Check your email.

Select order for remaining talks.

Carry on with Tree Talks.

  • * * * *

Rain plan.

It looks dark and possibly rainy. If it is raining, we will postpone the talks.

Instead we will begin viewing a major motion picture, whose central uncredited character is . . . . . . . . . . .A TREE!

This movie is based on actual historical events, but like many/most Hollywood ventures some liberties are taken with facts.

However, the historical event is one out of many which changed the world–all in pursuit of the wealth to be had by exploiting plants–and often people.

What events in the history of your own family are intertwined with the history of plants and people? Use your detective skills and your imagination.




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