6 February Science 8 Mindfully tasting a cracker; Observing changes as a result of fermentation; Another look at the Carbon Cycle

Mindful moment. Tasting a starchy cracker.

Follow the guidance. You will need a timer. Listen to the directions.

(See if you can find a guided meditation on mindful eating.)

What is very interesting to me is how some ideas from mindfulness practice –like interconnection and interdependence AND impermanence, change, transformation, and cycling relate to some of the scientific ideas of ecology, earth systems, and earth cycles.

Review last class: What was the point of building a fire?

See today’s plan through the blogpost.

Prepare your DSN for today’s entry.

Submit any questions that you have.

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In your carbon cycle presentation and fermentation groups:

Take apart your fermentation apparatus.

Observe the resulting solution. Include a description of the smell. What do you think has happened? Why?

Filter the liquid from the flask. Find its density. Record.

Filter the liquid from the plastic bottle. Find its density. Record.

Make up a sugar solution of the same concentration that we used for the fermentation. Find the density of the solution.

Compare the densities of the three solutions. Explain the results.

Designate member of group to get editing rights and enter data here:


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Work in the following groups:

Period 5.

  • Reem, Reyha, Lewis
  • Sophie, Rotem, Eliade
  • Anagha, Shaked, SeungMin
  • Santino, HyunJin, YuMin
  • Sulaimaan, Eva, Seung Hyun
  • Myra, Dowoo, Ada

Period 7

  • Felix, Joshua, HanGyeol, Faris
  • Jeh, Marin, Chihaya, Alanoud
  • Willem, Iris, Afreen, MinHa

Period 8

  • Mira, Varun, Armaan
  • Jigme, Sumair, Yash
  • Isabella, Liam, Aadi
  • Michal, Shiv, Rahul

Find out about the scientist-author Primo Levi: http://www.primolevi.it/Web/English/Contents/Biography/Chronology

Find out about Primo Levi’s book, The Periodic Table: http://movies2.nytimes.com/books/98/12/06/specials/levi-periodic.html

Find other reviews of the book from the time of publication and after.

Listen together in your group to Carbon by Primo Levi read on BBC. Pause and discuss. Rewind and listen again:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRmQ6ySjwRs

Follow along together with the text (see the book in class).

Carbon is the very last essay in this https://archive.org/stream/ThePeriodicTable-PrimoLevi/periodic-primo_djvu.txt

Here is an excerpt (that varies a little from the radio broadcast) https://www3.nd.edu/~skandel/CHEM10101/Main_Page_files/primo_levi_carbon_excerpt.pdf

Work as a group. Identify as many of the states and transitions of carbon as you can in Levi’s story. Create a graphic version (like a cartoon) on a poster board. Make a draft copy first. Ask about states and transitions you do not understand.

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