4 Feb. Science 8 Oxidation of Carbon Compounds–Food and Fire; Human Impact Topics

Mindful moment. We’ll contemplate fire during the first part of class. (See below.)

(Mindful eating exercise next class. Where does food come from? Salivary amylase, starch in a cracker (amylose), and a cracker turns sweet.)

Previous class review–blogpost and DSN entry. Examine your fermentation systems. Next class we will compare densities of the liquids with the density of the starting sugar solution. What do you expect? Why?

See today’s blog post and plan.

Prepare DSN.

Questions–EVERYONE: submit yours on a notecard with your name, period, date. Indicate whether it is for the whole class or just for you.

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What is a flame: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ymAXKXhvHI

Read about the flame challenge: https://www.aldacenter.org/outreach/flame-challenge

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Tales around the campfire. Think about / find out more about the chemistry and physics of fire. What is the significance of fire in various cultures? Some have suggested that the aboriginal people of Australia “farmed” by fire. What do you think that means? How long have human beings been using fire? How do you think that knowledge came to early humans? Do any other animals use fire? References? Stephen Pyne, a scientist-historian at Arizona State University has written extensively on the History and Culture of Fire. Find out more about him and his work. http://www.stephenpyne.com/

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Worthy Waste–The Dark City (you’ll need to read the subtitles)


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Human Impact Topics

See the list of topics.


Add any topics NOT appearing in the sheet above. Especially include any that you are genuinely interested in and that you deeply care about.


Find an article related to one of the listed topics from Mongabay, Yale E360, Washington Post, New York Times, Science, or Nature. Read and create an annotated reference for your list.

In Defense of Biodiversity-Why Protecting Species from Extinction Matters


  • ** * *

Work on Checklist. See previous blog post. Show Dr. F when you have completed the checklist.

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