18 January Science 7 Flowers and Partner Trees

  1. Mindful moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUeEnkjKyDs
  2. Check previous class.
  3. Preview today’s plan.
  4. Prepare DSN.
  5. Questions

Examine these links:


Understanding botanical names: http://flowersofindia.net/misc/bot_names.html

Flower Parts  http://flowersofindia.net/misc/flower_parts.html

Flower Shapes http://flowersofindia.net/flowershapes/

Leaf Types http://flowersofindia.net/leafshapes/

  • * * * *

We will take a flower diversity walk. Get a mask and jacket/sweater if you need them.

  • How many kinds of flower can we see?
  • What trees are blooming?
  • Find as many different types/shapes/forms of flower as you can.
  • Match them to the types in the website above.
  • Use pictures, sketches, and verbal descriptions.
  • Are any fruits visible?
  • Let’s collect some seeds if we can find them.
  • What animals do we see visiting the flowers.

Visit your partner tree (Stay focused. This is an individual activity. When you think you have finished, check with Dr. F and show the results of today’s observations.)

  • Record verbal and visual observations.
  • What kind of leaf does your partner tree have? Observe in detail.
  • How are the leaves arranged? Observe in detail.
  • Estimate the height of your particular specimen.
  • How many specimens of your partner tree species have you noticed on campus?
  • Where are they?
  • What changes have you noticed since your last observation? How much time has passed? How do the conditions today compare to the initial day of observation?
  • Take pictures.
  • Make sketches.
  • Note date, time, conditions, etc.

Class ends at 9:45 Period 3 and 11:10 Period 4. Listen to directions.

Let’s begin watching Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind


Make notes on examples. List your questions.



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