19 December Science 7 Campus Trees; Partner Tree selection

  • Mindful moment
  • Reflect on study of motion and energy–what questions remain?
  • See today’s blogpost
  • Prepare DSN to go into the partner tree folder in your biodiversity folder (anticipatory statements–you will need to make sketches and take pictures and write descriptions)
  • Questions

* * * * *

Select partner trees.

Visit partner trees.

Make and record observations of partner trees on Day 0.

Begin list of the kinds of information you want to gather from firsthand observation and from consulting other references. Do the preliminary thinking you will need to be organized. Plan for systematic and periodic observation of your partner tree. Today will be Day 0 of your observations. Note date, time, conditions, etc. Make sure you can find your partner tree again. Distinguish between the particular tree, which we will call specimen, and the kind of tree, which we will call species.




Regarding the names of plants, find some time to watch “A Confusion of Names” from Botany: A Blooming History <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVDpdmlpZKw>






















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