18 December Science 8–Are we alone? Science in popular culture? A scientist writes fiction?

Mindful moment–review and reflect on previous DSN entry and blogpost–Letter from the Earth. What is special about our “pale blue dot?” (See Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan):

  • Take 5 minutes to do this:
  • Remember to upload material (excerpts from your writing, photos and sketches with captions/explanations, video links (accessible by everyone)) to this folder for parent newsletter #2. Need pictures of students in action–chemical reactions project, scale model solar system, sun earth moon model. Start with Chemical reaction summative through Astronomy scale model, Sun Earth Moon Model, extraterrestrial intelligence. You need to be represented in the newsletter: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eUDDiBpks6wN0IWB5iu0gAHAVbL-4Qlr?usp=sharing

See other references to the work of Carl Sagan in the previous blog.

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Messages sent into space

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The movie Contact (based on the Novel Contact by Carl Sagan)

List your questions.

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References posted in previous blogpost:

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