13 December Science 7–Energy transfer and transformation systems, devices, sculptures; parent newsletter material

Mindful Moment

Review past DSN entry

Preview Blog Post

Prepare DSN entry

Copy and paste the url for today’s post into your DSN entry

Write anticipatory statements for each of the 7 items for an entry


(Read your anticipatory sentences)

  • * * * *

Do this first:

Pick out sketches, photos, excerpts from written DSN entries that you have related to the comeback can, the rocket, the swing experiment, the energy demonstrations, the Rube Goldberg energy transformation project. Make sure your name and period are attached to each item. Sketches and photos need captions/explanations. Send to:


  • * * * *


Work on your system, device, sculpture.

Present and explain next class.

Take a look at these links:





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