11 Dec. Science 7–Energy Transformation Systems-Devices-Sculptures

Mindful moment.

Review previous class blog and notes (DSN entry)

Preview today’s blog.

  1. Organize today’s DSN entry.
  2. Copy and paste url for today’s post.
  3. Write anticipatory statements for each of the 7 items that belong in the DSN entry.


  • * * * *

On a piece of lined paper with your name and period:

Make a clear and labeled sketch of your proposed energy transformation system, device, or sculpture.

  • Write a description of how your invention works.
  • Be sure to explain the forms of energy.
  • Be sure to explain how the conservation of energy principle applies.
  • Be sure to explain how work is done (throughout the system-device-sculpture).
  • This means you will need to explain the work-energy connection.
  • * * * *

Work with your group (if you were absent last class wait to be assigned to a group) to build, operate, measure/record forces, distances, and work, describe-photograph-video-sketch the performance of your system-device-sculpture. Share all info among the group members.

Be ready to present to the rest of the class.

Forms of energy: https://www.teachengineering.org/lessons/view/cub_energy2_lesson01



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