10 December Science 8 Scale Model e-book / video; parent newsletter #2; A Private Universe

Mindful moment.

Previous class was a workday devoted to projects.

Today’s blogpost–take a look.

Prepare todays’ DSN entry.

  • Copy link from today’s blogpost.
  • List each of the 7 items as headings.
  • Write an anticipatory statement for each item.


  • * * * *

Show e-Books and / videos.

Our room is M313.

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Upload a well-labeled photo and a well-labeled sketch with your name and with captions/brief explanations. Also upload an excerpt from your Chemical Reactions summative. Also upload photo, sketch, excerpt from our Astronomy unit.


  • * * * *


  1. Organize your moon observations.
  2. Organize any other observations you have made of Sun, Stars, Planets.
  3. Consider your scale model. How much bigger was the sun than the earth’s moon? How can you explain that the moon and the sun look very close to the same size from our point of view on earth? Make a sketch illustrating your idea. Do not look up.
  4. Write your explanation for the relationship between the phases of the moon and its rising time, setting time, and time crossing the local meridian. Which way does the moon orbit? How many times does the moon rotate in an orbit? How many days does it take for the moon to make one orbit around the earth? Make sketches to illustrate your ideas. Do not look up.
  • * * * *


  1. Get a calendar for 2018 through 2019.
  2. Count the days from the Fall Equinox 2018 through the Spring Equinox 2019. Start your count the day following the Fall Equinox.
  3. Count the days from the Spring Equinox 2019 through the Fall Equinox 2019. Start your count the day following the Spring Equinox 2019.
  4. What do you find out? What is revealed about the Earth’s orbit?
  5. Which direction do you think the Earth orbits the sun? What observations serve as evidence for your idea.
  6. How do you explain the seasons?
  7. Make a sketch of your ideas.
  • * * * *

Let’s watch: A Private Universe <https://vimeo.com/113349804>

Take notes, list new words and ideas, record (and ask) your questions. Go back and watch again on your own.

What are some ideas and mental pictures in your own “Private Universe?”






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