7 December 2018 Science 7 “Rube Goldberg” System, Device, Kinetic Sculpture

*Mindful moment. Let’s watch: https://www.mindfulschools.org/video/release-2/

  • Release (first line–“Middle School can be really hard sometimes.”)

*Review previous class–blogpost, demonstrations, DSN entry

*See today’s blogpost and plan

*Prepare DSN entry for the day

  • Copy the link to today’s blog
  • Note the 7 items
  • Make a heading
  • Write an anticipatory statement in each


Ideas about energy

Things you saw in the last class

Things we haven’t seen yet that involve energy


  • * * * *

For our next few classes we will work on the design, construction, operation, and presentation of

A ‘Rube Goldberg’ system or device which employs 3 forms of energy in a chain of transformations

You may bring any materials (must be safe) to use yourself or to share with classmates. Old toys, etc. can be very useful.

See the list of images: <https://www.rubegoldberg.com/image-gallery-licensing/>

More links for Rube Goldberg “machines” and more http://www.mousetrapcontraptions.com/rube-cartoons-2.html

  • * * * *

We will also work on the 2nd newsletter.

Pick out sketches, photos, excerpts from written DSN entries that you have related to the comeback can, the rocket, the swing experiment, the energy demonstrations, the Rube Goldberg energy transformation project. Make sure your name and period are attached to each item. Sketches and photos need captions/explanations. Send to:


We also want short interviews about the comeback can summative. (Video and transcribe)


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