17 October Science 7 WOW preparation–River Walk–Binoculars Birds and Trees

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Using binoculars:

  • Always hung around neck.
  • Do not touch glass on lenses.
  • Keep dry and clean.
  • Do not drop.
  • Focus left eye first with main focusing knob. Then focus right eye with fine focus.
  • Open binoculars to fit distance between eyes. You should see one circular field of view.
  • Locate object of interest with eyes (no binoculars). Then raise binoculars to eyes while maintaining view of object. Learn how to do this to bring object into magnified view. It takes a little practice. (Do not try to search/scan with binoculars).
  • Practice following a bird, butterfly, dragonfly and keeping it in view while using the binoculars.
  • Practice keeping something in view while removing and raising binoculars.
  • Always return binoculars in good condition at the end of an activity.

How do you know what to look for when observing living things?

  • Observation schemes.
  • Always make note of time, date, location, conditions (weather, etc.)
  • 7 S’s of Bird-watching
  • Size, Silhouette, Shade, Sweep, Sound, Sign (including behavior), Surroundings

Tree-watching (specimen vs. species)

  • GBH
  • Leaf shape, size, structure, arrangement
  • Branching pattern
  • Habit
  • Flowers shape, size, structure, arrangement
  • Fruits shape, size, structure, arrangement
  • Bark

Plans for WOW 7 Science

  1. River walk–Along the Ganga (now paired with Zipline)
  2. Stream survey (Life in the stream)
  3. Riparian corridor (Life along the stream)
  4. Village walk (Human life in the valley)

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