11 Oct. Science 7 Pulling a cart with a constant force

A. Mindful moment.

B. Review previous DSN entries.

For example, have you completed the task outlined on 5 October. This will be a powerschool formative assessment!!!


***All students: Reply to today’s blogpost. Describe how you think the pullback car works. What  do you think makes the car change its speed from 0 m/s to the other speeds you observe during a trip? What is the mechanism do you think? Make a sketch of your imagined mechanism and add link to blog–with sharing so that anyone with the link can view. Be sure the response that you submit on the blog is also copied into your DSN entry for the day.

Reply to another student’s comment. Ask a clarifying question about their sketch and the mechanism they have proposed. 

C. Preview today’s plan in the blogpost.

D. Create DSN entry for today in the motion folder.

E. Questions.

  • * * * *

Virtual day comments.

A. What will the motion of a cart look like when a constant force is applied in a horizontal direction? Make a sketch graph. Explain your thoughts in words. Be sure this is recorded in your DSN entry from our last class.

B. Large group discussion. In your notes today, record the expectations that your classmates have. Compare those expectations to your own. Be able to express an expectation and reason that are different from your own.

C. Let’s try to find out. We’ll need to arrange a measurement in a similar manner to what we have done before.


D. Let’s graph the motion.

Period 3 results:

Period 4 results:

What is your interpretation?

E. Inertia.

F. Force.

G. If time:



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One Response to 11 Oct. Science 7 Pulling a cart with a constant force

  1. Kunal Sinha says:

    I think that when a certain amount of force is applied to a body , is starts moving , in this situation aswell . The cart progresses its speed from 0m/s to further when we force is applied to it . The mechanism is that when some force is applied to the cart , it started moving , increasing its speed from 0m/s . Whenever constant force is applied to the cart, it results in increasing speed.


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