13 September Science 7 Continuing Summative Project–Tumble Buggy: To what extent does it exhibit constant velocity?

  1. Mindful moment.
  2. Review DSN entry from previous class. You should have data. Graph. Calculations of average speeds for different distance intervals. You should have a description of what you did to gather the data.
  3. Review today’s blogpost.
  4. Create new DSN entry for today.
  5. Questions.

Today is a work day to continue gathering data on the extent to which your tumble buggy exhibits constant velocity. Organize your data. Analyze your data. Ask if you have questions.

Begin thinking about what you will show and say about your science learning at parent conferences. By now you should be making the effort to have complete and up-to-date digital science notebook entries. If you are finding it difficult, you should see me.

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