11 Sept. Science 7 Work on Summative Project–To what extent does the tumble buggy exhibit constant velocity?


  1. Mindful moment. The value of being still. You might enjoy this TED Talk by Pico Iyer, a well-known travel writer: < https://www.ted.com/talks/pico_iyer_the_art_of_stillness>
  2. Review DSN entry from previous class.
  3. Examine blog post for today AND summative project description in the previous blogpost < http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/2018/09/07/7-september-science-7-recap-on-motion-so-far-introduction-of-summative-project-1/>
  4. Open a new document for today’s entry in your DSN. Keeping your DSN complete and up-to-date will make writing the report for your summative project straightforward. You should be able to copy and paste much from your entries.
  5. Questions.
  • * * * * *

Review the project description in the previous blog.

Your task is to evaluate scientifically the claim that the tumble buggy exhibits constant velocity. That mean you will need to determine and document the speed and the extent to which is it constant; AND you will need to determine and document the extent to which the direction of travel is straight.

You may work in the room using the open space.

You may work in the hallways.

  • Do not set up your “track” in the center of the hallway.
  • Do not block traffic.
  • Do not block doorways.
  • Do not disturb classes.
  • Do not interact or interfere with other classes working in the hallway.
  • Pull up any tape you use.
  • Erase any marks.

Keep complete and accurate notes and records.

Stay organized.

Ask questions. Ask for help.

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