20 August Science 7 Motion–Falling masses

  1. Mindful moment.
  2. Review entry from DSN from previous class. BE SURE YOU ARE ADDRESSING EACH OF THE 7 ITEMS.
  3. Preview blogpost for today.
  4. Set up entry for today’s DSN entry. BE SURE TO ADDRESS EACH OF THE 7 ITEMS. CONSIDER MAKING A TEMPLATE TO HELP YOU INCLUDE ALL PARTS OF THE ENTRY. Here is the link to today’s blogpost: <http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/2018/08/19/20-august-science-7-motion-falling-masses/>
  5. YOUR Questions.
  • * * * * *

Work with your most recent group.

Make a document in your DSN (outside of the motion folder) with the title “Classmates I have worked with.” Make a table with this information and keep it up to date:

  • Names of partners
  • Topic/activity
  • Dates
  • Links to class blogposts, to DSN entries, and shared group documents, images, data
  • Notes about learning–concepts, skills/practices, collaboration, group function

25 minutesFinish investigating the question: How does the “falling” compare between two lumps of clay with different masses dropped from the same height?

  • What is your group focused on?
  • What are possible things to examine?
  • Time of descent?
  • Speed of descent?
  • Is speed constant or does it change?
  • If it changes, in what manner does it change?
  • How “hard” do the two masses of clay hit when they land?
  • The lump that has the greater mass is heavier. That means its weight is greater. Weight is the force of gravity. How can you explain the results in light of the different weights or forces of gravity on each lump of clay?
  • Did your group try to determine the effect of “air or wind resistance?”
  • What heights did you try?
  • How many trials did you conduct for each treatment?
  • How did you ensure fair starts? fair stops? fair observations? In other words how did you make sure you conducted fair tests?

25 minutes Prepare an informal presentation of your findings. Everyone in the group participates.

25 minutes

Each group presents. Time for questions and discussion.

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