23 May Science 7 Design, Build, Fly

Seeing from the PIP that there is some interest in the science and engineering of flight, I thought we could spend today’s class on some basics and some exploration.

Paper flying craft have been fascinating from many years for students. Some hints on the history of paper planes: http://mentalfloss.com/article/55397/which-came-first-airplanes-or-paper-airplanes

The classic “schoolboy dart” involves both design and throwing ability. It can be difficult to separate aspects of design from performance since the skill of the thrower is involved. A few 7th graders made devices to try to standardize the launches so that they could concentrate on the design.

Another way to look at design features of a flying paper craft is to design a glider. The glider is dropped whereas the dart is thrown.

Let’s first look at some descriptive terms and then start a few simple experiments and then see who can make a glider that flies the farthest and straightest.


If we have time, I will also show you a simple glider/kite that can also be used to examine features of flight.

For Friday, bring a musical instrument, if you like. We will be exploring Sound.

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