15 May Science 7 Personal Inquiry Project

Plan your display for the PIP showcase 18 May from 4:30-5:30 in the gym. You will share a table. You will need:

  • A digital display on your ipad. OR A material display with 3-d artifacts, well-made poster, photographs, sketches, infographics, whatever is appropriate. OR digital and material.
  • A well-written and documented report about your project. Show the proposed structure to Dr. F.
  • A well-written reflection about your learning through “personal inquiry.” Include how your thinking developed and changed. What did you learn about yourself as an investigator, scientist, creator, thinker, doer? Describe particular milestones–insights you reached, problems you encountered and solved. This reflection is a good place to consider things like learning habits. Describe your focus, self-discipline, resourcefulness, creativity, originality, depth of knowledge of the topic (research), self-motivation, understanding of concepts-practices-related issues.

If you have not done any work on your original proposal, do the following:

Pick out something you have done in science earlier in the year. A set of complete and thoughtful DSN entries, with photos and sketches would be a good place. Extend your inquiry from what we did in class. You have today 7 May and 9, 11, 15, AND 17. You will need to set up your display after school on the 18th. Make a detailed time-based plan to have your new PIP as a point where you can have the display, the report, and the reflection ready for the showcase.

If you have completed work from your original proposal, first talk with Dr. F and then get the display, the report, and the reflection ready for showing on the 18th. You may need to develop a time-line plan for 7,9,11,15 and 17 May. Include time for proofreading, practicing, correcting (completing trials, for example), printing, constructing, etc.

Share your plans, results, designs, drafts, etc. with Dr. F. today.

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