3 May Science 7 Finish and submit summative project on bird beaks. Print copy and DSN.

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Respond to the following in an email to <rfrazier@aes.ac.in>. Keep your responses as a document in your DSN as well. Put YOUR name and sci 7 comments in the subject line–like this <Richard Frazier Sci 7 Comments>.

  1. What did you think of the presentation about the Yamuna River Project? What most captured your attention? What do you have questions about–What are they?
  2. Describe your level of engagement with respect to our topics this year–Motion, Energy, Growth-Development-Reproduction, Biodiversity, Evolution, Natural Selection, Adaptation? What connections do you see in the physical science topics (Motion-Energy)? What connections do you see among the Life Science topics?
  3. Write a descriptive statement that you see as accurate about your year in Science 7. Include a couple of examples. You may refer to yourself by name (3rd person).
  4. Describe areas of growth you experienced this year–in terms of scientific ideas/concepts; science practices; cross-cutting concepts. Of course, provide examples.
  5. Describe areas of growth you experienced this year–in terms of learning habits.
  6. Describe areas where you think you need to grow (ideas; practices; cross-cutting concepts; learning habits)–especially to meet the demands of high school. Specific examples.
  7. Most fascinating/stimulating topics/activities/concepts this year. Why do you think you found them so?
  8. Most puzzling topics/activities/concepts  this year (you still have questions–what are they)
  9. Any additional comments you would like to make about your learning, your experience, your goals for the future.

 When you have finished, work on your Personal Inquiry Project.

1. Gather data.

2. Write report (consult with Dr.F.) (See original proposal. Log of activity and findings. Outside research. Etc.)

3. Write reflection on process, learning, connecting with a topic through inquiry. (Consult with Dr. F.)

4. Produce exhibit–either digital / hardcopy / both. Make draft. Get feedback. (Consult with Dr. F.)

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