3 April Science 8 Presentations on Simulated Rivers; Announcing summative on Watershed/Water Cycle Story 5 April

Dead Sea Water. What do you think? The Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea–the lowest point on earth. Lower than Sea Level.


Presentations today from each group. 10 minutes / group. 15 minutes at the beginning of class for last minute prep/practice. Allow time for questions and comments. Post presentation here–include names and period:


On Thursday you will have the entire period to handwrite on lined paper your story. You may have notes and an outline. The time will not be extended beyond the class time. Plan, prepare, practice what you want to write. See criteria below for this summative project.

A couple of references on water:

(Original) Story based on work with simulations, experiments with aspects of cycles. Inspired by Primo Levi’s carbon.  <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRmQ6ySjwRs> <https://www3.nd.edu/~skandel/CHEM10101/Main_Page_files/primo_levi_carbon_excerpt.pdf>

Trace the route/journey of a water molecule.

  • (Original) Story (open format–includes your choice of style and register–could be narrative prose 1st or 3rd person; could be poetic; could be graphic) (For meeting, your story needs to go beyond a typical elementary school treatment; it should be more thoughtful and sophisticated than any story you have tried before.)
  • Movement of matter and energy
  • Include the following stops and transitions (or the equivalent). Transitions involve energy transformations.
  • Each phase. Sold, liquid, gas.
  • Freezing, melting, evaporating, sublimating, condensing, precipitating, flowing, percolating (into soil), moving through plants-transpiring.
  • Appearance in you as a living system: drinking, part of food, blood, cellular water, sweating, breathing vapor, passing urine.
  • Appearance in your house (where does your water come from, how is it used, where does it go. Cooking, washing, flushing, drinking).
  • Movement on land in India (make reference to your rafting and to what you learned by experimenting with model rivers)
  • Travel through plants without being decomposed and reconstituted just transpired.
  • Travel through plants to take part in photosynthesis and decomposed. The reborn as a new molecule as a result of photosynthesis and transpired.
  • Travel through plant and become part of a fruit.
  • Oceans, lakes, deep aquifers where it can rest for a long time.

A really good story will be engaging and will make realistic reference to time, magnitude, and scale. Fictional devices and fantasy should not override reality. Enough detail that the science is not over-simplified; not so much detail that the thread of the story gets lost. Audience (intelligent and knowledgeable 9th grader who is a good reader)

  • PS standards from 3 strands
  • SEP
  • Developing and using models
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and using information
  • CC
  • Systems and system models
  • Energy and matter
  • DCI
  • M and E in org and eco
  • M and E in earth systems

How will you deal with these competing claims?

  • “The earth’s oceans, ice caps, glaciers, lakes, rivers, soils and atmosphere contains about 1.5 billion cubic kilometers of H2O. It has been estimated that all the earth’s water is split by plant cells and reconstituted by the biota about every2,000,000 years.” The Oxygen Cycle by Preston Cloud and Araron Gibor (1970)

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