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6 March Science 8 Workday–Summative on Photosynthesis

Complete Summative project on Photosynthesis. Check that you have addressed all aspects adequately. Check for errors–typing, grammar, punctuation, spelling–AND–errors of fact and of reasoning. You may use a peer editor. Check for references–full bibliographic citations–credit ALL sources. Do not copy … Continue reading

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5 March Science 7

Some work time on summative. Show your drafts. Ask questions. Seek feedback. Complete reference list. Follow a consistent style. Include full information. Make sure you have explicit permission to use any images. Do not copy and paste any text from … Continue reading

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1 March Science 8–Summative on Photosynthesis/Carbon Cycle — a workday

Read through the project description thoroughly. Suggestions: Make a plan. How will you construct your argument? How will you display your thinking and understanding? What medium will you use? How will you make sure you have addressed ALL the criteria … Continue reading

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