14 March Science 8 “Rivers I have known”

For 20 minutes meet with your stream table group. Go over findings from Monday. Use your initial findings to develop a Plan to complete Activity 1 and Activity 2 with detailed observations on 20 March. (Many of Monday’s attempts at Activity 1 seemed premature.)

Plan how you are going to set-up the simulation. What you are going to observe? How you are going to observe (count, measure, etc.)? How you are going to record? How you are going to analyze?

Review the previous blogposts.

For the remainder of the class work on:

“Rivers I have known.”

  1. Find whatever memories and artifacts you have from your experience on the river in WOW 8 this past fall. Notes, pictures, poems, sketches, etc.
  2. Express your experience in some manner–story, poem, drawing, painting–relate the personal to the scientific. (You may need to find out more about the concept of watershed.)
  3. What watershed do you live in now? Find out about the issues of water affecting Delhi. Find an aerial photo (google maps, wikimapia, etc.) that shows AES. Then find the closest point (as the crow flies) to the Yamuna. Where is it? Go upstream from that point until you reach the Wazirabad dam or barrage < http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=28.712646&lon=77.230797&z=14&m=b&search=wazirabad%20bridge > in the northern part of the Delhi region. What do you notice about the water upstream and downstream from the dam? What watercourse do you see entering the Yamuna just below the dam (called barrage in India)? Now go downstream until you reach the Taj Mahal in Agra. Pay attention as you go. What things to you notice? What is the first significant river that joins the Yamuna below Delhi? Where does the Yamuna join the Ganges? What happens to the Ganges as it approaches the Bay of Bengal? Use the mapping program(s) to find out. Can you find the portion of the Ganges you rafted on during WOW 8?
  4.  See this aerial photo. This is the area where Dr. F grew up. His father grew up here, too. Dr. F was born several 100 kilometers upstream from this confluence on a different river. His father born several kilometers downstream on a different river. Where do you think this is? How did you make your determination?

5. In what watershed were you born? In what watershed have you spent most of your growing up? Find aerial photos. What about your parents? What do you notice in examining photos and maps of these watersheds?

6. In your search for rivers on the various applications, what river forms and features did you see that correspond to ones that appeared in your stream table simulation? Note them.

Find 2 songs from different decades that feature a river.Find 2 movies from different decades that feature a river.Find 2 novels from different decades that feature a river.Find 2 poems from different decades that feature a river.Write your own creative response (essay, story, poem) to your own experience and ideas about rivers. (All pieces must show signs of serious thought / drafts / editing.)

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