6 March Science 8 Workday–Summative on Photosynthesis

Complete Summative project on Photosynthesis.

  • Check that you have addressed all aspects adequately.
  • Check for errors–typing, grammar, punctuation, spelling–AND–errors of fact and of reasoning.
  • You may use a peer editor.
  • Check for references–full bibliographic citations–credit ALL sources.
  • Do not copy and paste/use verbatim passages from other works. Make sure you have permission to use images.
  • Have project uploaded to your DSN–well-labeled and shared before the next class.
  • Have print copy of your project ready at the beginning of class. No printing during class.
  • Emails to parents for any projects not turned in next class.

If you are finished, read/consult the following:

Small but mighty, the molecule called water http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/10/science/10angi.html


Make a cartoon: Where does the water you use come from? Where does it go? What happens along the way?

See the picture below of a Tibetan refugee child studying the water cycle in a school in northern India–near Dharamsala. What makes this picture poignant and significant? Find out what you can about the Tibetan plateau and water. See the map at:¬†http://www.meltdownintibet.com/images/plateaumap_lg.jpg

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