28 Feb. Science 7 Workday Summative Field Study #1 Partner tree and AES campus tree diversity survey

Today–spend time wisely to complete your summative. Change in Due Date: Now at the beginning of class 7 March.

5 March will not be a full workday. We will be starting Field Study #2.

Full description of summative here: http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/2018/02/23/21-feb-finish-tree-survey-summative-field-study-1-announced-with-due-date/

  • Seek assistance with any questions. Show draft of partner tree page once you have had it peer-edited.
  • For both sections, use Calibri 11. Be sure your name is included as instructed. Read directions carefully.
  • Prepare for Student-Parent-Teacher conferences which will be taking place next week.
  • See the following to assist in a complete and useful description of your partner tree:































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