15 February Science 7 Tree Survey

Continue gathering data in your zone for the AES Campus Tree Survey (2017-2018)

Reflect on how you have acquired “search images” for the trees in your area. Write about this process of learning in your DSN. How do you imagine learning to recognize/notice something new takes place?. Test one another on being able to recognize the different species of tree in your zone.

Try to finish gathering information today.

  1. Present Dr. F with a number for the different species in your area.
  2. Get the names of the species. Dr. F can supply at least one of the names: Local, Common English, and/or Scientific.
  3. Realize that there there can be debate among scientists about classification and names. Remember the video episode we watched on the Confusion of Names about the history of classification and nomenclature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVDpdmlpZKw
  4. See these links for the discussion/debate among botanists about the grouping and naming of “acacias”: https://christiankull.net/2011/05/10/the-acacia-name-change-%E2%80%93-botany-and-emotion/
  5. And http://worldwidewattle.com/infogallery/nameissue/
  6. Also https://www.dailyo.in/variety/taxanomic-vandalism-india-species-classification-plant-nomenclature/story/1/22319.html
  7. Count the number of individuals belonging to each species.
  8. Mark locations as accurately as you can (without surveying–you may use pacing and “eyeball” angles to locate the trees) on a sketch map. Use the projection of a map to draw an accurate outline of your area.
  9. Enter the appropriate data in the spreadsheet for the trees in your zone.
  10. Double-check your species list, your counts, your measurements, your information.

Organize and completely share your data within your survey group. Select 2 contact persons from your group to represent progress and to keep group on task. These two will also have editing privileges when you are ready to enter your data in the spreadsheet: Campus Trees Science 7 Periods 1 and 3 Frazier 2017-2018


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