12 Feb. Science 8 Finishing the video history

Next class–bring a leaf from the tree you have selected. We will be doing microscopic examination of leaves and other plant parts/tissues.

Today we will finish Photosynthesis from Botany: A Blooming History

Your task will be to link the experimental results to various parts of the simplified claim of photosynthesis. (This will be the basis of the summative assessment on the carbon cycle–emphasis on linking evidence to the claim of photosynthesis.)

(Note that the narrator does not provide any history on the discovery of stomata. He does not reveal the history behind the riddle of where the released oxygen comes from either.)

Please keep track of the questions you have as you watch this last part. (Isotopes? Chromatograms? Interpreting the evidence? Pathways–steps of reactions? Splitting carbon from carbon dioxide? Importance of cells? How do you understand what happens in the chloroplast? How does photosynthesis relate to the carbon cycle? How does photosynthesis relate to fossil fuels? What connection is suggested between the electrolysis of water and photosynthesis? )

The Source of Oxygen Produced in Photosynthesis:


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