12 Jan Science 8 Carbon jigsaw

  1. Review your DSN entry from the last class. Send an email to your parents AND Dr.F with your New Year’s Resolution / Plan to keep your DSN complete and up-to-date. Include a statement on how well you’ve done so far. Is your entry from the last class complete? Have you uploaded it properly in the DSN?
  2. Examine the class blog. Each cluster approaches aspects of carbon. The properties of carbon and how carbon behaves at various scales relates to one of the most significant earth cycle–the carbon cycle.
  3. Prepare your DSN entry for today’s class.

Finish science souvenirs. As you listen, try to make a sketch to help you remember and think about the souvenir offered by your classmate.

You will be assigned to a group to review and analyze references related to Carbon and the Carbon Cycle (everyone watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzImo8kSXiU).

Work together to help each other examine, analyze, and try to understand your cluster of references. Identify important concepts–big ideas and significant details. Identify essential terms–discuss what they could mean from the context–rather than look up definitions that may be out of context. Identify questions you have and that your classmates are likely to have. Which parts of your references may prove confusing for your classmates? Why do you think so?

Prepare a 5 minute presentation based on your references that captures the main ideas and significant supporting examples. Find out what you can about the background of the references. (Who, how, what, why, etc.) Discuss how the references relate to what you already know about matter. Present the most important questions that you and your group have. What do you and your group suspect the point of view of the author(s) to be? Why? Identify bridges AND barriers to deeper understanding of the topic.

Group 1



Group 2

Group 3

It’s All about Carbon

Group 4

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