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6 December Science 8 Work on Ebook / Video about Solar System and Scale Model

See this video: Powers of Ten: Here’s an idea for a travel through our solar system ebook (think of the pictures you would need from today’s activity) Title: A trip through our solar system imagined in New Delhi Pictures of … Continue reading

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4 Dec Science 8 Building the Scale Model of the Solar System

Today build your scale model of the solar system. (Don’t forget the moon–smile:  ) Follow guidelines for safety. Pick up all pieces of your model when you are finished. Work collaboratively, efficiently, and safely. Measure carefully and thoughtfully. Use equipment … Continue reading

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1 Dec Sci 7 — Continue hot air balloon construction

Each group has a “captain” who will first receive instructions and will then deliver instructions to the respective group. We should be able to finish most balloons today so that flights can begin in the next class–that is, if groups … Continue reading

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