18 December Science 8 DSN for Semester 2; Letter to an alien; More of Contact

See diagram on board. Organize your DSN. Be prepared for Semester 2.

Finish letter to an alien. Copy in astronomy and link or copy in Earth Systems.

Resume watching Contact.

What is the science?

(What “science” could be criticized?)

What are the themes?

What are your thoughts and reflections about life in the universe? Humans in the universe? Human intelligence? Technology as destroyer / as savior?

What are your questions? Wonderings? Hopes? Fears?

How do you think science and scientists are presented in the film? The lead character is a female astronomers? How many women go into astronomy? What are some significant contributions by women astronomers to the field?




Enjoy the break–Keep your eyes open to seeing science “in the world.” Notice things you have never noticed before. Think about things you have never thought about before.

Wishing you all a safe, joyful, relaxed, restful, fun holiday!

Ho, ho, ho!


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