30 November Science 8 Scaling the solar system


Form groups.

Groups will collaboratively research and plan a scale model of the solar system where the same factor is used for the distances and the sizes. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Earth’s Moon, Mars, Jupiter, One of Jupiter’s Moons, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.



  • Map out model
  • Construct or select objects to represent sun, planets, moons, etc.
  • Create/sketch/write storyboards–Plan video and/or photos
  • Write scripts/commentary
  • Choose format

You will have the next class to construct your model and to video / photograph / record. (4 December). Be sure to bring your air pollution mask. Be prepared for cool temperatures. Wear shoes for walking.

You will have 6 and 8 December to produce your individual project. Video projects are due  (you must check with me on how you will turn your project in) on 8 December by 9:00 pm. Ebook projects are due on 11 December by 4:00 pm. 

***Summative Astronomy Sci 8 17-18 Making a model of our solar system to scale by size and distance***

Groups prepare and construct the model. Individuals:

  1. Make a video (5 minute limit) (with commentary) OR ebook showing a scale model of solar system with both size and distance illustrated to the same scale.
  2. Produce in hard copy and digital (in students’ DSNs) a written / sketched storyboard.
  3. Present in hard copy and digital (in students’ DSNs) equivalence chart / calculations to objects and orbits in the model.
  4. Provide information about sizes, distances and scale.
  5. Present in hard copy and digital (in students’ DSNs) the directions and inclinations of orbits. (Include interesting facts about the orbits and planets in the commentary.)
8.SC.BTH.A.2 – 2. Developing and using models
8.SC.BTH.A.5 – 5. Using mathematics and computational thinking
8.SC.BTH.B.3 – 3. Scale, Proportion, and Quantity
8.SC.BTH.E.2 – ESS1.B: Earth and the Solar System

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