1 September Science 7 Checking graphs. Checking DSN. Moving Relatively or Relatively Moving. Staged “ties”–can you do it? How can you do it?

In table group organized by the roster, we will examine graphs and DSN’s.

While waiting for conferences, table groups should:

  1. Collaboratively read and discuss the chapter “Moving Relatively or Relatively Moving” from Joy Hakim’s Story of Science: Newton at the Center.
  • a. Decide as a group how you will proceed. What methods will you use to read and discuss?
  • b. Pick someone to capture the main points of the discussion.
  • c. Pick someone to capture the questions members of the group have about the reading and the ideas.
  • d. Pick someone to keep the group on track and progressing.
  • e. Pick someone to list the key words and what the group thinks they mean.
  • f. Share everything with every member in the group.

2. When finished with the chapter, try this:


Work collaboratively as a group. Make sketch graphs of the motion you suspect for the set-ups you use. Each member should be able to describe the group’s thinking, what the group did, what happened, and possible explanations for the outcomes.


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