24 August Science 7 Motion continued–finishing popcorn collaborative reports; beginning staged races

Today you should submit a completed report in your digital science notebook in the motion folder of your DSN. Set sharing so that anyone with the link can access. We will make your reports accessible to other Science 7 students. Check in your group to see if everyone has uploaded and shared the report correctly.

Each section should have a heading (see below). The title can be: What happens when popcorn is popped in a pan without a lid? (The investigative question can always serve as a title.)

You should have these sections written collaboratively by groups in your class.

  • Background
  • Question and Expectations
  • Procedure
  • Results

You should have your own version of the final two sections

  • Analysis
  • Conclusion

We will begin developing scientific concepts of motion through an activity called “Staged Races” (In case of rain, we will investigate a famous motion puzzle. Stay tuned.)

In this activity we will

  • establish a “frame of reference”
  • learn to mark and observe positions in terms of distance along the reference frame (a linear track)
  • learn to measure elapsed time as a mover changes position along the reference frame (a linear track)
  • learn to deal with variation and uncertainty in measurement
  • learn to analyze data through graphs and calculations
  • learn to derive new quantities from basic measurements (the rate of change of position = speed = distance traveled / time elapsed)
  • learn new aspects of derived quantities–constant speed, average speed, instantaneous speed, changing speed








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