22 August Science 7 Analyzing the popcorn data; completing the report

In groups finalize the sections of the report.


Question and Expectation



We will put these first parts together and conduct a group discussion focused on completeness, accuracy, style.

All students are expected to attend to the discussion and to participate in the group process.

We will look at two graphs–a histogram (frequency bar graph) of the number of popped kernels plotted against the distance from the pan–and a temperature versus time graph of the pan as it heated up.

We will consider other graphs that could be made from our data. We will also think about date we could have acquired that would yield other graphs.

We will look for patterns in the data.

We will then work in groups on a discussion/analysis section and a conclusion.

Once all the sections are satisfactory to the members of the class, we will put the report together and share with everyone. This will give each student a model of a scientific report based on common experience.

In the next part of our course we will learn scientific ideas about investigating motion. These include how to measure and analyze motion.


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