18 August Science 7 Introduction to motion continued

Period 1

Refer to previous blog post: http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/2017/08/15/16-august-science-7-continuing-an-introduction-to-the-scientific-study-of-motion/

Spend 20 minutes on composing the group report on the popcorn experiment. Make sure everyone has access to the parts of the composition. We will complete the experiment and report in the next class.

Complete your section of the popcorn report. You should collaborate to compose your assigned section.

Group 1: Background: Tomas, Boris, Dowoo, Heejun

Group 2: Question and Expecation(s): Chihaya, Bailey, JaeHun

Group 3: Procedure:Anton, YeonWoo, Yaroslav, Pauline

Group 4: Results: Avanka, Denzel, Michal

Background: Explain what you know about popcorn and the process of popping corn. What are your ideas about motion and energy? What are your ideas about heat? What do you want to know and what do you think you need to know?

Question: We already stated the question.

Expectations: What did you expect to happen before we did it? What were the reasons for the expectations?

Procedure: What did we do in order to address the question? Explain everything in an organized fashion. (What have not yet analyzed the results, so we don’t yet have procedures for that part). Write in past tense and first / third person.


Match the times and temperatures.

Make a table for the popped kernels: Left in the pan; On the target from 0-20; 20-40; 40-60; 60-80;80-100; 100-120; over 120.

Make a table for the unpopped kernels.

List any other quantitative data you have.

Spend 30-40 minutes: As a whole class watch the video straight through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhVy1WG_lKQ

In groups discuss the worksheet. You may review the video. Keep the volume low and do not disturb the other groups. Frames-of-Reference-Worksheet

As a group, begin reading: Moving Relatively or Relatively Moving? from The Story of Science by Joy Hakim.

Note new ideas, new words, your questions.

If you finish, examine the following document: http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/files/2013/01/Car-scenarios-3.pdf

Period 3

Refer to previous blogpost: http://rfrazier.msblogs.aes.ac.in/2017/08/15/16-august-science-7-continuing-an-introduction-to-the-scientific-study-of-motion/

We will conduct the popcorn experiment, gather the data, and begin the analysis and the writing of the report.

Additionally, you should watch the video Frames of Reference. This may be done as homework: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhVy1WG_lKQ

You might find this worksheet helpful: Frames-of-Reference-Worksheet

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