22 May Science 8 Discussions/Activities Period 3 Period 4

Feedback to Activity/Discussion leaders (include your name, period, discussion leader’s name, and topic):

  1. State what you think is the most important idea that came from the activity and discussion and why.
  2. Pose the most significant question that you have about the topic and explain why you think it is most significant.
  3. What relevance, if any, do you see to your own life and interests of the topic?
  4. Explain what is clear to you about the topic and related issues and also what is not clear or confusing/
  5. What are your ideas about how problems associated with the topic might be met?

Discussion/Activity leaders write a reflection based on the feedback. Upload to both your blog (science 8) and your DSN.

Submit your presentation and annotated bibliography in your digital science notebook AND in this folder in which you upload your annotated bibliography (filename = yourname sci8 1617 an.bib) and your presentation (filename = yourname sci8 1617 himp.pres) < https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4DPwlouN3dIdVZnX2dCa3VtTGc?usp=sharing >


  • 2—2 presentations (period 3 Jack, JinYoung)
  • 4—human impact films and reading
  • 8—human impact films and reading
  • 10—3 presentations (periods 3 Jesus, Lucas Jones, Naheul and 4 Andrea, Se-Jeong, YouNa)
  • 12—3 presentations (periods 3 Nikolay, Lucas de Jong (absent) and 4 Driena, Rino, JaeHyun, )
  • 16—4/3 presentations (periods 3 Ethan, Nigel,  Mona, Lucas de Jong, Anya Rose and 4 Mayan, Deacon, Dongha)
  • 18—3 presentations (periods 3 Shiv, Varun, Isabella and 4 SuHan, SangHyun, EunYoung)
  • 22–3 presentations (periods 3 Jay, Anya S., Akshay, Isabella (not ready on 18) and 4 Yi Reong, Yusuke)
  • 24–3 presentations (period 3 Harshita, Ahaan, Jagan)(period 4 Mayan, Se-Jeong)



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