19 May Science 7 Sound?

Touch the Sound (Dame Evelyn Glennie–a profoundly deaf musician)


Spoon Man


Soundgarden–Seattle band’s first big hit was Spoon Man


Miss Congeniality–singing wine glasses


Your musical instruments–how to the work? what do they do? what do you do?

How would you draw a picture of sound?

How would you picture “high” “low” “loud” “soft”? Why?

The puzzle of the singing wineglasses.

  • Make sure hands and glasses are “squeaky” clean. 
  • Handle glasses with great care. Do not break the glasses!
  • Do not get cut or cause others to get cut!

What is the pattern? How can the pattern be explained? How can the explanations be tested?

Draw pictures. Write down your ideas. Collect group’s ideas. Turn in.

Other investigations:

  • How could you determine the speed of sound?
  • How could you further investigate the nature of sound?
  • Your question(s)?


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