24 April Science 8 Things you have learned? Preparing for your activity/discussion/presentation

Review your digital science notebook from the beginning of the year.

  • Pick out and describe examples from various topics where you did something you had never done before, where you saw something you had never seen before, where you wondered about things you had never thought about before, where you feel you learned something you did not know before.
  • From your selection of examples, describe your learning in science 8 this year.
  • In what direction does your curiosity lie? What would you like to learn more about?
  • How do you feel about your performance in science next year?
  • Use lined paper to write your answers. Take a clear photo of what you write for your blog. Include any pictures (with explanation) you have taken that support your choices.

Planning the activity / discussion / presentation

  • What activity will help your audience appreciate and understand (some of) the science involved in your topic? How will you organize materials and people? How much time will you need?
  • What are the main themes, issues, questions, science ideas related to your topic? How can you get your audience to discuss these? How will you start? How will you respond? How will you follow-up? How will you summarize and conclude?
  • Your presentation should do 2 things:
  1. Provide a basis for initiating your discussion and organizing your activity.
  2. Stand alone as a reference that students can refer to outside of the 25 minutes you have for activity and discussion.
  • How does the idea that human impact on the environment comes from shifting or disrupting some earth cycle relate to your topic? Can you explain the cycle and the science ideas that are involved?

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