20 October Science 8 Rivers

Today, acknowledging your up-coming trip to and on one of the greatest rivers in the world, we’ll discuss Rivers.

Check out the geography of our region. What do you notice? Why is Tibet considered a strategic region? How many watersheds begin in the Tibetan plateau? What percent of the world’s human population depends on water from these rivers? What are some potential consequences of climate change on the way the water cycle works in this region?

Start a folder in your DSN called earth cycles. Put your notes from today in that folder. We will begin Earth Cycles in January. So today is a preview and an introduction to things to notice and think about during WOW 8.

Mr. Friel told me this was near the 8th grade put-in point. I’ve never been on the trip so I don’t know for sure. I will have my sci 8 kids look at the aerial photo and try to trace the river down stream. Rapids are named on some of the areas when you zoom to a certain scale.

30.145721N  78.5980797E (coordinates–use with any map app or website)



Look at the put in point. Follow the river all the way to Rishikesh. Zoom in on the rapids, on the shore, on the surrounding hill sides.

  • How many tributaries can you find from the put in to Rishikesh?
  • Which way does the Ganges flow?
  • How many times does it change directions? (You can zoom in and zoom out to see the pattern at different scales.)
  • What other questions come to mind as you make a virtual river trip? An important thing to remember is that “water flows down hill.”
  • What else determines the path a river takes?
  • What signs of human impact on the river and the surroundings can you see?
  • In reference to rivers and their landscape, what do you think watershed, drainage basin, and catchment area mean?
  • Where do you think you will camp? (Take a screen shot. Crop and print. Take with you on the trip and see if you are close.)

Look at this

Killing the Ganges with Justin Rowlatt (AES parent)


Ecological and strategic importance of Tibetan Plateau: http://www.meltdownintibet.com/

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