18 October Science 8 Triangles, scaling, mapping and measuring, observation of the sun, measuring the height of things indirectly

Today goes into your astronomy folder.

We are doing astronomy now because of the equinox, the weekend full moon, your WOW 8 excursion where you will have the chance to see the sky for extended periods of time.

Check for the dates of WOW 8:

Indirect measurement: Using triangles and scale drawing to determine angles of elevation and heights (distances).

Refresher on triangles.

A universal sundial. Observe and explain how it works.

A vertical stick (gnomon).

Height of a tree.

Height of the building. (check with direct measurement)

Moon observations. What have you seen?

Can you explain this cartoon?


Mapping from The Ring of Truth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY2SkMTafc

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