29 September Science 7 Inertia and Force–Consolidating our thinking–Student Parent Teacher conferences

  1. Please allow me to share a note I just received from a former 7th grade student:

Good morning, Dr. Frazier, This is just a quick note thanking you for helping spark an interest in science back in 7th grade (1998-1999) at SAS. I didn’t realize it then, but almost 2 decades later, some of the core concepts I learned through you, JB and DS really helped craft my educational path. You taught me the necessity and benefits of keeping a scientific journal and always wanted our class to explore the outdoors. The result? I ended up minoring in Geology/Environmental Science 10 years after your class. Correlation may not always be causation, but you helped spark that curiosity and interest in the world we live in. Today, those scientific skills and methods have helped craft me as a professional as well. Thank you once again. Your former student MM

2. If a weight tied to a string is spun around a central point (on a smooth floor) and is released, what path do you think it will take and why? Draw a sketch of the expected path and explain your thoughts.







3. Blogpost Compare your cart-pulling expectation (graph and reason) with the experience of pulling the cart with a constant force and graph. What have you learned about force and motion? How has your thinking changed or grown? Why do you think you had the expectation you did? Make a blog post in category Science 7 showing your expectation graph, the actual graph, and a reflection about your thinking and the motion of the cart being pulled with a constant force. Due today.

4. Open powerschool and read the comments on your Tumble Buggy Report. You now have 2 weeks if you want to resubmit. In order to resubmit, you should read the comments and compare to your self-assessment. Ask any questions you have. Revise according to the comments. Resubmit with a copy of the comments, the original paper, and the revised paper, and a new self-assessment that considers the first self-assessment and what you have done in the revision. All of these documents should also be loaded properly in the digital science notebook. Due in two weeks if you want to resubmit.

5. Prepare for Student-Teacher-Parent conference.

  • Have your digital science notebook up-to-date.
  • Describe what you have found the most interesting so far this year.
  • Have examples picked out (linked) from your digital science notebook.
  • Pick out the most complete entry.
  • Pick out the entry where you feel you learned the most.
  • Pick out the entry where you were surprised, puzzled, or uncertain.
  • Have these three entries available for quick access (save the links an put them in a Student-Parent-Teacher document).
  • Pick out your most thoughtful blog post and have the link ready for easy access.
  • Be prepared to explain why you think it is most thoughtful.
  • Have your tumble buggy project available with a link.
  • Have the comments on the project available.
  • Be prepared to discuss your revisions.
  • What have been the greatest challenges.
  • Why do you think they are challenging?
  • Be prepared to share a plan for how you hope to work in science for the rest of the year.


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